The Lost World

Welcome to Venezuela, home of dramatic mesas, enormous waterfalls, tropical beaches, and controversial political leaders. The striking country has Caribbean islands, tropical beaches and Amazonian jungle within its borders. Here you will enjoy a high biodiversity index, the world’s longest waterfall, and a lost world of carnivorous plants and unique animals only found atop gigantic, geological tabletop formations called tepuis.

The tepuis of the Canaima National Park are considered some of the oldest geological formations on Earth, dating back two billion years ago and worthy of investigation. Local indigenous legend states that Roraima, the tallest of these mysterious formations, represents the stump of a felled tree that was once a source of fruit and some vegetables. The journey up Roraima, the tallest of these mysterious tepuis bordering Guyana and Brazil, gives testament to the grandiose nature of these bizarre but remarkable formations.

Continue your adventure by charter plane and dug out canoe into lush Canaima National Park; this stunning backdrop is the ideal point to launch into the deep jungles by boat to explore and visit the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls, where you will marvel at the sight of water coming out of a tepuis that plunges 2,600 ft. This really is a true adventure seekers journey of a lifetime.

Roraima Trek

Roraima Trek and Angel Falls

Roraima Tepui, one of the largest and highest mesas in the world, sits on the triple border of ...


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