Roof of the World

The windswept beauty of the high Tibetan plateau will take your breath away. Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting Tibet? Many view Tibet as a spiritual place, and this is easy to understand with its surreal views, incredible monasteries, and some of the kindest people on Earth.

Whether marveling at crystal light on the rounded Pamir Mountains, a smile from a weathered cowboy, or your first taste of tsampa – Tibetan butter tea, as you spin prayer wheels at a desolate monastery, you’ll know that you are on top of the world in more ways than one. Explore remote Western Tibet on an ancient pilgrimage route to Mt Kailash or Eastern Tibet to the country’s lowest glacier.

Visit the city of Lhasa and take in the culture of this holy land. Experience life on the Tibetan plateau and visit Tibetan nomad settlements, witnessing first-hand their simple but proud lifestyle. Tibet is land of mystery, prayer and fortitude, both spiritual and physical, and we would be thrilled to intorduce you to its richness. (please enquire beforehand about entry into Tibet, as its borders occasionally close).


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