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At 22,880ft is the highest volcano in the world and second highest mountain in the Western and Southern Hemisphere after Aconcagua. This mountain climb ascent is the choice of those who enjoy huge mountains in one of the most desolate regions in the world. This itinerary heads from Mendoza to Anillaco in La Rioja. From here you meet the Argentinian-Chilean border with visits to thermal springs and Laguna Verde. You make your way to the Atacama desert for the summit bid.   The mountain has dry conditions with snow only remaining on the peak during winter, there is a permanent crater lake on the eastern side, which most likely is the highest lake of any kind in the world. The final section to the summit is a difficult scramble and occasionally will require ropes. Ojos del Salado comes from the salt deposits that form lagoons or 'eyes' on its glaciers. An off-the-beaten track climb to one of the world's highest peaks.


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