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Introducing Colombia!


The beauty here will astonish you. The official term is “megadiverse” for exotic Colombia. From the Andes to Amazonia, the variety of wildlife, geography, and culture is as rich as the coffee. Set out on an epic trek through the heart of the tropical jungle to explore the ruins of the Lost City of the Tayronas. You will be alone with the titi monkeys and peccaries, as you make your way through dense tropical forest and cross clear flowing rivers to La Ciudad Perdida.


Experience indigenous communities and guidance from colorful jungle birds as the grand stone structures built by the Tayronas come into focus. One can’t help but remark upon the engineering talents performed so deep in these dramatic jungles as you soak in the remote beauty and natural grandeur of these ancient peoples creation. Unlike many Latin American countries, Colombia’s cities are some of its national treasures not to be missed. Wander the streets in the vibrant colonial masterpieces of Cartagena and the red-roofed, cobblestoned La Candelaria district of Bogotá.


Live it up in the salsa bars, take a boat trip out to the Santa Maria islands and snorkel the emerald Caribbean waters, or simply make time for a siesta by the pool or on the beach. For the most adventurous, Columbia offers spectacular landscapes and remote trails for hikers and trekkers, and for those who like to take it a bit slower you’ve come to the right place.



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