Space abound



Say the word Australia and immediately kangaroos, Koala’s, flat wild open spaces, men wrestling reptiles, the Great Barrier Reef and images of Sydney harbor come into focus. However, Australia houses a mountain of mysteries and unexplored terrain often overlooked by the casual tourist.


This romantic idea of ‘the bush’ and bushmen has iconic status in Australian life and is seen in its hardy people. Getting off the beaten path is not difficult in Australia with 7 million plus kilometers of space and the majority of the population living on or close to the coast there is an infinite about of adventure & legend to explore. Start with Ayers Rock,or Uluru, in the red center of Australia  sacred to the local aboriginal people, the Anangu. Dig deep into the cultural roots of thee people and understand why this sandstone formation is so sacred to these people.


For those more drawn to the coast the newly opened Great Ocean Walk explores 103km of pristine coastline from Apollo Bay to Victoria’s most mystical and geologically fascinating rock formation the 12 Apostles. Along the way you are treated to koala and wallaby sightings in addition to the diversity of the Otway National Park. A trip to Australia is not complete without a visit out to the Great Barrier Reef. Larger than the great wall of China and the only visible living thing from space the Great Barrier Reef gives testament to the pure magic of mother nature. Come explore your inner bushman (or woman) in the magical outback that is Australia.