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The Longest Southern Terrain


In Chile, wander through a glorious isolated wilderness of granite towers and revel in one of the most awe inspiring places on the planet. From the dry Mars desert landscape of Chile’s northern Atacama Desert to the glaciated peaks in the south, Chile, is a land of stark contrasts: long dramatic coastlines (some 78,000 km long to be exact), clean mountain streams, and lush forests. You will enjoy exploring the dramatic Patagonian valleys, trekking along rivers to find the mighty columns of granite, and basking in the stunning landscape of what is Torres del Paine National Park.
In Torres del Paine you can kayak to see glaciers calving or scramble up mountains to take in the breathtaking vistas. This untouched land is a trekker’s paradise, offering true communication and adventure in nature. Travel to the north to explore the almost frightening emptiness of the Atacama Desert and jaw-dropping luminous night sky. Top off the end of every day with a glass of Chile’s finest wines; the Mediterranean climate and viticulture history has brought upon a renaissance that makes no trip to Chile complete without indulging in it’s liquid fruits.
Though its distinctive shape is recognized by almost all, Chile remains a land undiscovered by most and waiting to be enjoyed and treasured.