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Salta & beyond takes you on a beautiful journey through some of Northwest Argentinas most dramatic and geologically fascinating scenery. To begin this journey we rendez-vous in Salta otherwise known as "La Linda" - the beautiful- where our local guide takes you on intimate historic tour of this city's well preserved colonial architecture. After a night in Salta we head west passing tobacco plantations which slowly give way to the majestic Quebrada de las Conchas and on into Cafayate. Known for its intense malbecs and fruity torrontes Cafayate is a great place to unwind and enjoy the fruits of Argentina.   Heading North from Cafayate the road snakes through the Canyon de las Flechas, made famous by Star Wars films, opening up into a verdant valley floor and contrasted by stark mountain buttresses. One can choose to detour to the isolated Estancia Colome set well off the beaten track for a night of high altitude wine tasting, or continue along the routa 40 to Cachi. Flanked by the Nevado de Cachi to the west Cachi makes for an ideal base for further exploration of the Calchaqui Valley. Onward from Cachi back to Salta you pass through Los Cardones National Park and along the Recta Tin Tin which for 18 perfectly straight kilometers traces a pre-hispanic trading route. Our journey ends where it began in Salta.


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