Mt Kenya
     Mt Meru
     Mt Whitney


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Mt Kenya has 3 main peaks – Batian (17,057ft), Nelion (17,021ft) and Lenana (16,355ft). The first 2 peaks are technical climbs whilst Lenana is a non-technical hiking option. This itinerary takes you to the summit of Lenana and in doing so allows you to see the best of Mt Kenya by having a peak circumnavigation. (This itinerary can be tailored to suit those individuals who wish to technically ascend Batian and Nelion) A 6 day ascent of Point Lenana starting at Sirimon gate and ending at Chogoria.   A private camp is provided throughout with a great crew and porters, led by our excellent guides, and the finale is a nice surprise at Meru Mt Kenya Lodge for a hot shower and beers! All the best parts of Mt Kenya, stunning views of the peaks, tarns and fantastic endemic flora. A chance of seeing some wildlife and arguably the prettiest high altitude hike in East Africa. An easy extension includes safari in the Masai Mara to see the Great Migration!


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