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Ecuador, Jewel of the Andes, presents a relatively untraveled paradise for the beginning climber. Perhaps nowhere else on Earth does the combination of high mountains and easy accessibility exist in such close proximity. The Cotopaxi volcano is one of the most incredible mountains in Ecuador and also, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. At an incredible 19,347ft it rises from the Oriental Andes Mountain Range in a perfectly symmetric conic form that is entirely covered in snow. In Cotopaxi National Park are also several of Ecuador’s most important mountains.   These mountains provide a natural habitat for an amazing array of wildlife including llamas, foxes, rabbits, wild horses, and the Condor. Ascending the Cotopaxi is an extraordinary adventure for any mountain climber. Using a beautiful hacienda as you base, this trip includes great acclimatization hikes and thereafter what is considered one of the most stunning ascents in South America. We highly suggest extending your stay and head to the Galapagos islands to explore or go diving from your private catamaran or boat!


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