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 An adventure of a lifetime! Raise money for education and ride old slaving routes from the Kilimanjaro region to one of the most historic slaving ports of Pangani. 


Please note that the main EVENT PAGE is hosted on

From this page you can:


1. Contact the AI team about this event to assist with pre or post challenge organisation. Email and the email goes to 3 of the event team right away. Frank in the US on sales and support, Ake the event manager and Ben our operations manager. 


2. Make a booking for the RideTz event. Click on JOIN RIDETZ! and welcome on board. As per the info from the challenge event website to book you need to make a 10% deposit and the balance for the event is payable by the 11th April 2016. In the interim you can follow the event on the website and look for info there but if in doubt our team is here to help to (see email above). 


3. Find travel insurance, see our travel insurance page. Please note: we really insist that you take out decent cover. You don't have to follow links from our website but the fact remains the same - insurance is a good thing and whilst our team on the ground will always excel and surpass the call of duty insurance is there to cover things that we cannot - repatriation, costs of things like helicopters, trip cancellation and so on. Please make sure when booking that you do not rely on automatic cover from credit cards, read the small print and if you need any help, email us





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